Sorry for not posting here in a while. I have been busy handling school,work and a recently completed lecture on human trafficking in a swedish perspective at my university. But i will be back with details about the lecture and what´s happening in Sweden in the subject and the fight against human trafficking. Keep up the good work where ever you are in the world! 


Not for sale!

Not for sale!

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Make a difference

Life is about making a difference to others. Raising awerness and standing in the gap and finding solutions for those who can´t raise their voice. Use what´s in your hands to make a difference! ♥

Nya insatser mot människohandel/New resources in the fight against human trafficking!

Svenska dagbladet skriver den 11 april 2013 att Regeringen ger länsstyrelsen i Stockholm uppdrag att på nationell nivå samordna arbetet mot människohandel där det inte enbart rör sig om prostitution utan även till exempel organhandel och tvångsarbete.

Vidare skriver Svenska dagbladet att:

Barn som är offer för människohandel drabbas extra hårt. Enligt en tidigare utredning misstänktes 166 barn ha utsatts för människohandel under åren 2009–2011. En tredjedel av dessa barn var asylsökande. Till detta kommer att ett antal asylsökande barn försvinner varje år. Det finns en risk att vissa av dessa försvunna barn utnyttjas av människohandlare. Därför har regeringen särskilt pekat på behovet av att skydda barn. Förbättrad samverkan mellan berörda myndigheter ökar möjligheterna att tidigt upptäcka och identifiera barn som är utsatta för eller riskerar att utsättas för människohandel och barn som är indirekt drabbade av människohandel.”

Sverige tar ett till steg framåt! Bra! Ingen människa ska behöva utsättas för att användas som en vara! Ingen människa är till salu!

Swedish goverment wants to colligate numbers of authorities in new efforts to fight human trafficking, not only on the perspective on trafficking and prostitution but also forced labour and trade of organ.

During 2009-2011 it´s estimated that 166 children in Sweden where subjected to human trafficking. Children are at higher risk to be exposed to trafficking and it´s why the goverment feels it´s a high priority to coordinate authorities to be able in a early stage identify the children whom are exposed or at a high risk to be exposed to human trafficking.

One step forward in the fight to end the human trafficking. No one should be exposed to trafficking or used as a commodity!



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According to article 28 in the convention on the right of a child every child has the right to an education which develops their personality, talents and abilities to the full. Primary education must be free for all children.

Article 28: (Right to education): All children have the right to a primary education, which should be free. Wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this right. Discipline in schools should respect children’s dignity. For children to benefit from education, schools must be run in an orderly way – without the use of violence. Any form of school discipline should take into account the child’s human dignity. Therefore, governments must ensure that school administrators review their discipline policies and eliminate any discipline practices involving physical or mental violence, abuse or neglect. The Convention places a high value on education. Young people should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education of which they are capable.

Right now, however, 67 million children are still being denied their right to go to school.

Time to make a change! /Maria


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Ending slavery is recognizing the humanity of every single person. NO person ought to have power or ownership over another.

Ending slavery …

Each time we act to improve the life of another person,we send forth a ripple of hope in what appears to be a hopeless society. – Joyce Meyer



Each time we ac…


It is reasonable that everyone who ASKS justice should DO justice.
–Thomas Jefferson

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