A person behind all the statistics – this is Maya´s story!

I have read many stories that break my heart, and one belongs to a women called Maya. At age fourteen, she was promised a job in New Delhi by a young man. Maya crossed the border from Nepal to India, not suspecting that everything was a lie. She would not arrive to a great job opportunity. What job waited for her? A brothel in Mumbai. For months was badly beaten and raped, and when she did finally submit to the life of a prostitute, she was forced to serve up to thirty-five customers a day. If she spent even just a few minutes longer with a client she was beaten with an iron rod.

This was her life for eleven years. She worked until she was too sick to work any longer. Finally, she was let go, but her freedom was far from sweet. She was suffering from tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. When she returned to her hometown, her family refused to to drink from the water she collected from the spring because she was HIV positive.

Maya’s situation is a reality for many girls in our world today. Let us not be silent in the face of injustice.


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