Just a Beautiful Slave

I have taken a part of a song called “Beautiful Slave” written by Take No Glory. It was written after reading a true story about the many children and people trapped in the lucrative trade, sold for someone else’s gain.

Let us together be the change! Let us change the mourning song of thousands of young boys and girls into a song of praise, a song of freedom!

I don’t know where i am
they’ve taken all that i had
smuggled in for a lucrative trade
beaten, bartered broken in,
until i obey
i used to be childlike
innocent and safe
now i’m someone else’s treasure
a stranger’s pleasure
smothered in shame
succumbed with drugs
but I’m not numb
all I feel is pain
is this all a dream?
will i ever be the same?
can anyone hear me?
will anyone break these chains?
who will free me?
i’m just a beautiful slave

my worst fear is my fate
i’m getting older each day
every girl too old in years
mysteriously just disappears
they never mention her name
they take away piece by piece
i don’t think i have any left
i’ve slowly given up all hope
given in to this sleepless bed
inside these bars
i feel so seared
by each new face
how could this ever be every memory be erased?

can anyone hear me?
will anyone break these chains?
who will free me
from this dark place?

I’m just a beautiful slave

Photo: Unicef (the picture has nothing to do with the song or the story.)


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