Child Soldiers

It´s hard to belive, but many children today are used in armed conflicts. Even if children join armed conflicts out of free will, their reasons are often heartbreaking. No parents, no education, relatives that are already soldiers. More often than not, many children are violently recruited to join an army and forced to kill their family, the people of their village, taking away any chance of them returning to a normal life. They are branded as murderers, forced to watch and participate in violent movies and executions, drugged and physically and mentally abused. Why? To make them soldiers without limits, trained to kill without reflection on their actions.

Children are used in armed conflicts because they are easier to abduct and manipulate; they are more obedient and less expensive than adults. They have no value and are used to clear mines from the fields ahead of the rest of the army. Girls are often used as bush wifes, or to put it more explicitly, sex slaves to serve the soldiers. Children are used as a commodity in armed conflicts around the world. All of this sounds like a nightmare, but it is a real situation for children around the world. 


According to both the Convention of the Rights of a Child and the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of a Child, one is not allowed to treat a child like this.

We can make a change! Find ways to support an organisation that works for the right of a child to recieve a childhood and an education. A child is suppose to be loved. A child is supposed to be happy, enjoying school and playing around with friends. He is not meant to be a soldier in an armed conflict that adults have created.


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