The value of one man´s action

People like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and William Willbeforce are known by people for having done remarkable things. They have laid aside their own life for someone else’s cause. We admire them for their courage and strength, and yes, they have done great deeds and are a true source of inspiration. But one important thing to remember that even if you are not going to gain the same amount of fame, known far and wide across the land for heroic and selfless deed, what you do is still important. We cannot forget the small things that build to accomplish more than the sum of their parts. If everyone reached out just to one or two persons in need, we have come a long way.

One lady who inspires many is Rosa Parks. During the social rights movements under Martin Luther King Jr., she played her part. Segregation of blacks and whites was prevalent in society, and blacks were severely restricted by segregation laws. On buses, blacks could not sit wherever they pleased but rather where the white man pleased. One day when Rosa Parks rode the bus, a white man expected Rosa to give up her seat for him. But she refused to do so. Enough is enough! She pointed out that this was not okay. There is no difference between her and our present situation.

You see, Martin Luther King Jr. was not the only one to fight for his cause. He had many people around him who were eager to see change. What you do might affect only one person in your eyes, but who knows how it will go on affecting people? We are rarely privy to the full effect of our actions. When you throw a stone into water, the surface breaks and its ripples move forward and outward. So don’t be dismayed by the apparent “smallness” of your actions. Small deeds done in love can enact a greater change that you ever thought possible.


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