Touching story

Recently I was talking to my dear friend and Indian sister, and what a joy it is to hear from her! She lives in the northern part of India. Her family decided to take care of young girls who would otherwise face a bleak future. They now have thirty-nine girls staying at their home. The girls receive an education, food, and lots of love from a family that has laid down their lives for their cause.

My friend showed me some pictures from the slum area in her village. The pictures are heart-breaking. These children live in the slums. Many of us have a hard time camping in the woods for a weekend in the summer because we are bereft of our usual creature comforts. But these pictures show us a way of life.

The child was found on the street. She was hungry and without clothes. She stayed at their home for four months and was later adopted by someone else. She has a family now.

This little girl is just one child of many thousands. There is always a person behind all the statistics. We cannot look at the number, but beyond it to the person behind every statistics. Each one deserves respect, love, and compassion!


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