Even if we walk through this life with our eyes closed, the injustice in our world will still affect us. Sure, it’ll hurt less if we do, but how will that help us do anything about the situation? Maybe we are scared to face reality because once we see the problem, we cannot unsee it and knowing requires that we do something about it. Yes, if we want to see a change in this world, it will require something from us. Fighting poverty and sex trafficking takes courage. But you’ll see, my friend, you are not alone in this fight. Let us be determined to make a change because together we can do more!

In the end, we must ask ourselves what we would want others to do for us should we be the ones being trafficked into prostitution, treated as commodities, sold as slaves, or just desperately poor, begging in the streets, without food and water, and deprived of even the basic dignities of human rights. Maybe it sounds cliché but do unto others what you would have them do to you.

Be determined to make a change!


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