Children´s right to a secure life.

Children are one of the most valuble things we have on this earth, but still in many places they are treated like animals or tools to be used and traded. Children are forced to take up arms as child soldiers, beg on the streets, work as cheap labour, or pushed to prostitute themselves. The reality of the Way the Things Are is harsh, but we need to face them to make a change for how Things Should Be. A child is born with the right to a safe childhood, education, love, and care. Children are supposed to be able to enjoy school and play with their friends, not work long hours in a stifling factory. Giving a child such simple things as food, water, a safe home, and an education can drastically change their prospects for the future. Check out these two organisations that work for the right of the child.

Or you can just find an organizations in your own country that supports a good cause.


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