I read about a girl called Natasja*. She was eager to do something with her life, and when she met a man who offered her a job in another country, she jumped at the opportunity. She was happy to get the chance to work, and she was told she would be working in a casino; but like so many other young girls, she was sold into prostitution. It breaks my heart to read about the horrible things that happened to her. She was abused physically, mentally, and sexually. But she never resigned herself to her circumstances or gave up. She tried to escape, and though she was terribly beaten for trying, she tried again and again. She was finally taken to Sweden where her pimp sold her to a brothel, where she was forced to service many customers every day and regularly abused and/or starved. One day she was sick and one of her customers heard how she had been lured into prostitution and sold. He gave an anonymous tip to the police, who came and set her free. I have no words. Only tears inside my heart.

You see, this is the story of only one of tens of thousands of young girls trapped in slavery.

“Trafficking in humans is not a new phenomenon, but its extent and effects are devastating. Especially women and children are recruited, transported and sold and bought within countries and across borders to engage in prostitution and otherwise exploited. Human trafficking is a crime that often transcend national boundaries and includes the countries of origin, transit and destination countries. Human trafficking has various purposes -in addition to prostitution and other serious forms of sexual exploitation can be victims of trafficking also subjected to forced labor, slavery, servitude or organ trafficking and other forms of exploitation.”

We need to make a change. This is not right! It is time to end this slavery!

*Not her real name


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