Owned by someone else

One night I had a horrible nightmare. I was one of many young girls, each of us was very young but sold of to elderly men. It was strange because I didn´t know where I came from, but I was dependent upon a lady who took care of us but treated us like commodities. She was the only one we could rely on, despite her abuse of us. Every one of the girls were sold off to serve elderly men. For some reason in my dream, one of the girls got the chance to stay with a kind old lady and a young girl. They found out how the girl had been treated and tried to help her escape. Then I woke up. It was such a terrible dream.

But that’s the thing. I could wake up from the nightmare and leave it behind. Unfortunately it is reality for young girls around the globe. 1.2 million children are trafficked each year, many of them ending up in the sex industry. Children as young as four are treated like commodities. It’s hard to imagine the fear and panic the feel, the hopelessness brought about by the betrayal of the adult workld. There are no words to express how terrible this is. But please do no be discouraged, my friends. There is hope!

Take a look at these two organisations who work to help girls just like these : http://www.theA21campaign.org and www.notforsalecampaign.org 


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