How your support can make a change!

Often, daily or weekly, we hear about people who are exposed to injustice. Sometimes we if we truly can make a change. But there is hope! This is the true story of a girl who got trapped in an industry that treats people like commodities. Through an organization called A21campaign this girl was rescued and restored, able to live an dream again. This is her story:

“Zoe is a young girl who dreamed of the opportunity to live and work in a different country. After responding to a job advertisement, Zoe left her home country in Eastern Europe and made her way to Greece, embarking on what she thought would be the start of a great adventure. Upon arrival she was faced with a very different scenario and found herself in the midst of a living nightmare.  Zoe was raped, drugged and forced to enter the sex-trade industry where she soon found herself trapped and alone with no documentation.

After 3 years, Zoe knew she had to escape to survive.  During the night she escaped from her traffickers, and was brought to the A21 home by the police.  Zoe told staff members of The A21 Campaign that she was forced to service up to 100 men a day. 

 It has been a journey, but Zoe has now started vocational training! She recently told us that she hopes to one day open her own day spa where women can leave feeling beautiful. Zoe wants to be able to provide training and employment for future survivors of human trafficking, and is thrilled beyond words for the opportunity to take steps toward seeing her dream become a reality. It is your support that is helping to make this dream possible!”

Check out The A21campaign ( and their unmeasured work to fight for the right to freedom and justice in this world. To notice, it´s not allowed to copy the story or the logo without the permission from The A21campaign. Contact them at their website. 

All love to you! /Maria


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