Working conditions

I ‘ll be honest. I have an Apple product, and I am very happy with it. But before I bought it, I was not as well-informed as I am now. Apple’s products–I have a Macbook–are very good, but knowing that they are put together by people in terrible working conditions makes me wonder. I know Apple is not the only one at fault. Many companies use cheap labor in third world countries to assemble their products (Nokia, Samsung, anyone?), and the situation may seem impossible for us to change. I don’t want to buy products that were created through terrible working conditions. But do I have a choice? Can I make a change? Well, change starts with awareness, and you and I need to research where our technology comes from and how we get it. Boycotting the products or the companies is not the answer. I think that would only force people into even worse situations.

Rather our best hope lies in placing demands on the transnational and multinational companies on how their products are made. Take a look at these two articles and please give your comments on how you think we can make our world a little bit better.

All love to you! /Maria


2 thoughts on “Working conditions

  1. The working conditions in the electronics industry are horrible, but we can do a lot to change them!

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