Sometimes we make things too complicated. If we want to change our society we begin with what we have on hand. We often think it requires a lot of money or time that we don’t have. And when we don’t have it, we resign ourselves to that fact and feel hopeless in making any change at all.

But you see there are other ways. What is your passion in life? Maybe you love fashion, art, sports, cooking, or baking. Well, that’s all it takes to make a change. You can bake cookies or cook a hearty meal, invite your neighbors and raise awareness about the famine in Africa. Cooking not your thing? If you are into fashion, why not deisgn an outfit that could be produced through fair working conditions and the proceeds from its sale could go to an organization that works for a good cause. You see, there are plenty of ways to make a change.

For those who speak Swedish, take a look at this blog and the way it intends to raise awareness and money for a project in Kongo. 

All love to you! /Maria


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