This is Chen Suotang. He was born into a poor community and orphaned early in is life. His grandparents took care of him, but they could barely afford to send him to school. Higher education was only an unrealized dream. There was no money to send him to university. But thanks to the support from his Star of Hope sponsors, Chen Suotang was given the opportunity to study. He is now a medical student and is certain of what will come after his graduation. “I will take care of my grandparents as a gratitude  to the help they have given me. And I will also dedicate my life to helping others because of the support that has been given to me.”

This is a story of a young boy’s life, a story of hope because of organizations like Star of Hope and sponsors willing to support someone in need. Education, of any kind, is not a given for every child on earth, but we can change that. The way out of poverty is through education.

The article and the picture is borrowed from Star of Hope:örsta+läkaren+i+sin+by.+Kina.+


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