Recently someone made mention that I only write about foreign countries on my blog and not my own. There is a reason for that. Firstly I should say I am not overlooking the problems in my home country, and I certainly do not mean that other countries have more heinous and deep-seated issues. Sweden has its own problems. According to statistics, 200,000 children in Sweden live in poverty. There is widespread bullying in schools and homeless that wander the streets. Many of today’s youth suffer from depression and loneliness. There are a lot of things we can can and should change in our society, and I know there are many great organizations and churches working with these issues.

They why don’t I write about my own country and its problems? Because somewhere along the road, the plight of children, orphans, living in extreme poverty, subject to neglect, trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child labour burned itself into my heart. When I was traveling in Asia, I saw firsthand “the other side.” The classses I took on human rights and trafficking gave me a new perspective on how the world looks from the gutters. And it’s not something you can look away from. We all have something we want to change. Maybe you are passionate about finding a new medicine that can help cancer patients or maybe you want to support children that are victims of bullying. Or maybe you want to see a change in your neighborhood or get involved in politics. Get involved in something you find important!

I hope that helps explain what I write about and why. Thank you for reading my blog.

All love to you!


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