Not only numbers..

925 million people are chronically undernourished

884 million people lack access to improved drinking water

2,5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation

2 billion people lack regular access to essential medicines

1 billion lack adequate shelter

1,6 billion lack electricity

796 million adults are illiterate

215 million children are child laborers

18 million people die each year due to poverty related causes.

Behind every number there is a human being who is valued and loved. When it´s put in numbers it can be hard to grasp the full extent of the situation, but even though we cannot understand fully what is happening all over the world, we must still focus on what we can do. Yes, the reality is harsh and cruel, but you can find a place where you can personally make a change. If you help just one person, the numbers will be reduced, and more importantly, that one person will be given the chance at a better life.

Do not give up on doing good. Mother Teresa said, If you can´t feed a hundred then just feed one.

Let us see the person behind every statistic!

Photos borrowed from star of hope.

© Christer Göransson & Hoppets Stjärna

© Star of Hope (

Giving children a good start in life is one way to change our societies all over the world! Be the change you want to see in your own society! 

//Maria, people are not for sale

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