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Do you love chocolate? Let´s fight for a trafficked free chocolate. //Maria


Do you have a passion for all things chocolaty? Are you creative? Then you can use your artistic talents to make a difference; create an image for our Kraft campaign.

Kraft source a significant amount of their cocoa from the Ivory Coast where the Worst Forms of Child Labour and child-trafficking and been reported.

Since Kraft acquired Cadbury, who had made a previous commitment to Fairtrade, there has been very little new movement on their part. Kraft is the world’s biggest buyer of cocoa; in 2010 they bought 440.000 tons of cocoa but only 7% was certified as Traffik-Free.[1]  Mars, Nestlé, Ferrero and Hershey have all made public statements of some kind or another regarding their commitment to eliminate trafficking in their supply chain. However, it’s been quiet from Kraft for a long time.

Being the world’s largest buyer of cocoa, they should be leading, not lagging.

So, we’re asking Kraft for Traffik-Free chocolate across all their range starting with Toblerone- one of their best known and their most distinctive chocolate bars around the world.

What you can do

We’re asking as many people as possible to create and share their own messages to Kraft in the form of an image. It could be a photo, drawing or graphic designs accompanied by our slogan ‘When will Toblerone be Traffik-Free?’

You could be the world’s best artist, or you might not have picked up a pencil since art class at school, either way raise your paintbrushes, mice or cameras in the air as this time we’re doing it for a reason!

The process is simple:

  1. Design an image around our slogan ‘When will Toblerone be Traffik-Free?’
  2. Make sure you read the terms and conditions so we can use your image and it won’t get us into trouble.
  3. Send the image to use at

We’re going to share the images with all our friends and networks through social media so as many people as possible will hear about trafficking in the chocolate industry and what they can do to stop it. You can help us pile on the pressure; like, re-pin and share your own and other people’s images to spread the word.

On 1st November the STOP THE TRAFFIK team will choose a winning image which to go on our Kraft campaign materials, including our website and our activist letters.

If you think you can come up with an image that will make Kraft act, then send them in.

The competition will close on the 1st November. Let’s get creative!

Thank you.

[1] (Source, Tropical Commodity Coalition Cocoa Barometer 2010)”

Picture and information borrowed from


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