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Sorry for not posting here in a while. I have been busy handling school,work and a recently completed lecture on human trafficking in a swedish perspective at my university. But i will be back with details about the lecture and what´s happening in Sweden in the subject and the fight against human trafficking. Keep up the good work where ever you are in the world! 



Not for sale!

Not for sale!

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Make a difference

Life is about making a difference to others. Raising awerness and standing in the gap and finding solutions for those who can´t raise their voice. Use what´s in your hands to make a difference! ♥


According to article 28 in the convention on the right of a child every child has the right to an education which develops their personality, talents and abilities to the full. Primary education must be free for all children.

Article 28: (Right to education): All children have the right to a primary education, which should be free. Wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this right. Discipline in schools should respect children’s dignity. For children to benefit from education, schools must be run in an orderly way – without the use of violence. Any form of school discipline should take into account the child’s human dignity. Therefore, governments must ensure that school administrators review their discipline policies and eliminate any discipline practices involving physical or mental violence, abuse or neglect. The Convention places a high value on education. Young people should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education of which they are capable.

Right now, however, 67 million children are still being denied their right to go to school.

Time to make a change! /Maria


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Ending slavery is recognizing the humanity of every single person. NO person ought to have power or ownership over another.

Ending slavery …

Each time we act to improve the life of another person,we send forth a ripple of hope in what appears to be a hopeless society. – Joyce Meyer



Each time we ac…


It is reasonable that everyone who ASKS justice should DO justice.
–Thomas Jefferson

Micro-credits and cookies!

Last spring, I met a man at a seminar on sustainable development in the corporate sector. We both thought it was very interesting to talk about how to develop things and the best way to change the situation for people in poverty. He also talked about something interesting that I’d never heard of before. Something which they called “kakbanken”. Together  people meet and eat cookies and have a nice. While they have coffee, everyone has brought 50 SEK with them to raise money for their “kakbank”. I was of course invited! And finally, better late than never, it was time for me to visit their “kakbank.”

Sunday the 10th of February this year I was invited to kakbank. This time it was at my friend´s place that I told you about earlier, and his girlfriend. Even more people had arrived. It was exciting for me, I love to meet new people and also meet people who like to create change in our world.

After some talk, it was time for me to see what is really meant by “kakbanken”. Kakbanken is a concept that is not only located in Umeå, but in more cities. “Kakbanken” is described like this: “Kakbank, The Cookie Bank, is the sweetest bank in the world! We hook up once a month and eat cookies and invest in microcredits in developing countries. That makes us and the world a little happier!”

We went in to a website where they organize microcredit and we found some projects that we wanted to support by lending our money. They told me that the total during their time at the cookie bank they have lent 96 loans and have made it possible for people to start their own businesses. I like this concept that people have the opportunity to get help to help themselves. The projects we supported were on

Maybe you want to start a cookiebank in your hometown, or raise money in other ways and then support people who want to start their own business in order to support themselves. There is so much you can do. Take a look at the Kiva organization.

Bake cookies, eat cookies and lend money to people in need and have a great time talking to your friends!

I våras träffade jag en man på ett seminarium om hållbar utveckling inom företags branschen. Vi båda tyckte det var oerhört intressant att prata om hur man kan utveckla saker och på bästa sätt förändra situationen för människor i fattigdom. Han berättade även om något intressant som jag aldrig hört om förut. Något som de kallade för “kakbanken”. Tillsammans träffas några personer och fikar och har trevligt. Samtidigt som de fikar har alla med sig 50 kr för att samla in pengar till deras “kakbank”. Jag blev så klart inbjuden! Och äntligen, bättre sent än aldrig, var det dags för mig att besöka deras “kakbank.”

Söndag den 10e februari i år blev jag inbjuden på kakbank. Denna gång var det hos min bekant som jag berättade tidigare om och hans flickvän. Även fler personer hade kommit. Det var spännande för min del, jag älskar att lära känna nya människor och även möta människor som gillar att skapa förändring i vår värld.

Efter en stunds prat var det dags för mig att se vad som egentligen menades med “kakbanken”. Kakbanken är ett koncept som inte bara finns i Umeå utan i fler städer. Kakbanken beskrivs så här: ” Kakbank är världens godaste bank. Vänner som hänger en gång i månaden, äter bullar och investerar i mikrokrediter i utvecklingsländer. Det gör oss och världen lite gladare! ”

Vi gick in på en hemsida där de organiserar mikrolån och vi tittade
ut några projekt som vi ville stödja genom att låna ut våra pengar. De berättade för mig att totalt under sina år som de träffats där nya människor kommit och gått har de lånat ut till 96 lån vilket har gjort det möjligt för människor att starta egna verksamheter. Jag gillar detta koncept att människor får möjligheten att få hjälp att hjälpa sig själva. Projekten vi stöttade fanns på

Kanske du vill starta en kakbank i din hemstad eller samla in pengar på annat sätt och sedan stödja människor som vill starta eget för att kunna försörja sig själva. Det finns så mycket man kan göra.

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