Child labour report

Rapport om barnarbete:

Child labour report:

Is this fair?

These are probably the women who produce a lot of our garments. Why can´t they have a better living standard? Probably because we like cheap clothes and companies like to have a high yearly or weekly profit.

I don´t belive in boycott of a company because it would only make it worse. 

But instead you can put preasure on companies to have fair working conditions where they produce their clothes.  You can send a email to the company you buy clothes from and ask how they look at their ethnical values and working conditions in their factories where they purchase/produce their products.

Human rights are supposed to be equal no matter who you are or where you live.



The Homeless Boy

Behind every statistic there is a human life. A homeless boy, beaten and alone on the streets, still has a dream despite the misery around him. He still has a voice that touches people’s hearts. Let us stop looking at people as a large, single, nebulous mass. Behind every number, there is a stranger, a poor boy, a homeless girl. Behind every statistic, there is human life!

This is Sung-bong Choi:

A boy with a huge talent!

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